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Updated 2-4-2024

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Official Colorado Pet Rat Forum

Welcome to ACRE! Home of the Colorado Rat Enthusiasts.

The Association of Colorado Rat Enthusiasts (ACRE) was founded in 2006 and has been gaining support ever since, at that time it was a simple Colorado based forum. We are dedicated to the betterment of the fancy rat through ethical and responsible breeding, and by encouraging proper rat care and ownership at home. ACRE became an American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association (AFRMA) affiliate in June of 2008. But in 2011 we have decided to go on our own.


ACRE helps educate about rats and how wonderful of a companion they are. We also coordinate rat educational events and shows for the Colorado rat community. This club is home to Colorado rat owners and ethical breeders although many of our members are not in Colorado. ACRE has much to offer and we allow membership to anyone in the world who has an honest heart. Breeders in this club are expected to be the best the rat community can offer, they lead by good ethics and excellence in breeding practices and morals.


ACRE also offers a wonderful rat forum that helps educate everyone about how to better their knowledge of fancy rats. This forum is the large community that was started before our affiliation with AFRMA in 2008. ACRE's forum, the Colorado Rat List or "CRL" is a great place to learn about keeping rats as pets, and it is invaluable to those of you that breed and rescue, because it encompasses all aspects of fancy rat keeping. ACRE's forum is free to join and always child friendly. Our forum has about 400 members currently.

Official AFRMA Affiliate 2008 - 2011
We are now on our own thanks to the training received from AFRMA. :)

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