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Colorado Rat Club Promoting Responsible Handling of Rats Through Ethical Breeding & Care

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ACRE Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

ACRE or Association of Colorado Rat Enthusiasts members share the common interest of promoting responsible handling of rats through ethical breeding and care. And they follow ethical rules to support that interest. These are contained in our Code of Ethics. And all members must be willing to agree to all of them before membership is granted.

For all ACRE Members

  • I will not cull/kill healthy babies.
  • I will keep my rats in a healthy living environment, using caging which allows for enough room, proper ventilation, and  rat-safe bedding. My maternity bins will be spacious and well ventilated.
  • I will feed my rats a healthy diet, and provide other enrichment in the cage including play time outside of the cage and loving human interaction.
  • I will seek veterinary care for my rats if needed.
  • I will not speak negatively about the club, or any of its members or officers, in any public place such as a forum or on the internet.
  • I will seek to maintain a positive relationship with all members of the club.
  • I will work towards the betterment of the club to the best of my ability, and I will encourage others to do likewise.
  • As a member of ACRE I am aware that I represent the club and the fancy. I understand that violation of this Code, or actions consistently contrary to the support of the club and the fancy, may result in suspension or expulsion from the club, according to the ACRE By-laws

For Breeders Only

  • I will not sell/place rats that I know to be ill, and I will guarantee my rats as healthy at the time of sale.
  • I agree to keep accurate records to the best of my ability regarding the health and pedigrees of my animals, and will fully disclosed all such relevant information when placing an animal.
  • I will not sell to pet stores, at swap meets or auctions, or to individuals who use live feeders or breed feeder rats. Excluding ACRE shows where we might have rat sales.
  • All of my babies will be contracted to be returned to me if the adopter cannot keep them, to keep them away from pet shops and rescues. In this way I am not adding to the over population at pet shops and shelters.

Ethics adopted in 2006.