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Show Rules

ACRE Show Rules


1. All exhibits must be shown by their owner or other responsible person,

and at that persons own risk. ACRE will exercise reasonable care to see

that all animals are properly cared for, but the Association shall not be

held responsible by any party for the loss, death or injury of any exhibit.

2. All animals exhibited must be shown in their natural condition. Any

animal whose natural shade or color has been altered, or whose coat has

been plucked or otherwise changed in any manner, will be subject to

disqualification by the judge.

3. When entries are made and the exhibits are not received, the entry

fee/show box fee will not be returned nor will the entry fee/show box fee

be returned if the exhibitor leaves before judging. Exhibitors who do not

come to the show will pay the entire amount due on their entry blank.

4. Any animal entered incorrectly in a class, will be subject to elimination

by the judge. Correct genetic colors must be entered on the show entry

form. If they are not the rat is subject to disqualification. IE… a light

colored Siamese cannot be shown as a Himalayan, a pink eye triple

dilute cannot be shown as a red eyed triple dilute and a visually

unmarked pink eyed dilute cannot be shown as an Albino (PEW).

5. All exhibits are to be taken to and removed from the judging table, by

the owner or other responsible person in such a manner so as to facilitate

an uninterrupted flow of judging.

6. There will be NO discussion of individual exhibits, between any

exhibitor and the judge, prior to or during the judging, unless specifically

invited to do so by that judge. It may be possible to ask questions after a

class is placed--ask the judge. In addition, conversation between

exhibitors at or near the judging table, will be conducted in such a

manner so as not to distract or influence the judge, either by context or

volume. Any exhibitor not complying will be subject to having his or her

animals eliminated from further competition by the judge.

7. All placements made by any judge, are final and are not subject to


8. Exhibitors should conduct themselves at affairs of this Association, so as

to set an example of good sportsmanship and co-operation. Members

who behave in a manner contrary to this rule will have their behavior

brought before the Board for disciplinary action.

9. Any non-ACRE rat related literature shall be approved by the ACRE

Board prior to being distributed at any ACRE function.

10. The exhibits shall be judged according to the Official Standards of the

Association of Colorado Rat Enthusiasts.

11. The show will be governed by the Official Show Regulations of the

Association of Colorado Rat Enthusiasts.