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Official AFRMA rat Standards

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At present, all rats are shown in six Varieties:
STANDARD – With short, smooth, glossy hair.
REX – With curly hair and curly whiskers.
TAILLESS – Complete absence of a tail, similiar to the Manx cats.
HAIRLESS – Complete absence of hair.
SATIN – Thinner, longer coat, with a lustrous sheen.
DUMBO – Larger ears set on the side of the head.

Each of these six varieties is grouped into six Sections by color and body markings. There are 38 distinct colors recognized among these Sections.
SELF - Entire body consists of the same uniform color. They are: Beige, Black, Blue, Blue-Beige, Champagne, Chocolate, Cocoa, Lilac, Mink, Platinum, Russian Blue, Russian Dove, Sky Blue, Black-eyed White, Pink-eyed White.

AOC (Any Other Color) - The entire body is of the same color, but the coat consists of individual hairs banded with two or more colors and evenly interspersed with colored guard hairs. In this Section the colors are: Agouti, Amber, Blue Agouti, Chinchilla, Cinnamon, Cinnamon Pearl, Fawn, Lynx, Pearl, Russian Blue Agouti.

AOCP (Any Other Color Pattern) - To have a combination of two or more colors other than white arranged in a recognized pattern. In this Section the colors are: Blue Point Siamese, Burmese, Himalayan, Russian Blue Agouti Burmese, Russian Blue Point Siamese, Seal Point Siamese, Merle.

SILVERED - The coat is evenly interspersed with white hairs. In this Section the colors are: Silver Black, Silver Blue, Silver Chocolate, Silver Fawn, Silver Lilac, Silver Mink.

MARKED - There are ten groups within this Section, named according to the pattern of their markings, in any recognized color:

  • English Irish have a white equilateral triangle on the chest.
  • Irish have a moderately sized, evenly shaped white marking on the belly, four white feet, white tail tip.
  • Berkshire have a completely white belly similar to the Fox mice; white feet, tail and small spot between the ears.
  • Essex have markings similar to Berkshire, fading of color.
  • Variegated have colored head and shoulders, white blaze on forehead, small and numerous color splashes from shoulders to tail, including the sides and tail and a white belly.
  • Blaze have a white wedge shaped blaze on the face from muzzle to ears. Shown only in Berkshire or Variegated.
  • Dalmatian have numerous color splashes distributed over the entire body with no solid clear-cut markings on a white body.
  • Hooded have a white body with a colored hood to cover head, neck, chest, and shoulders, and a spine marking extending from hood to tail in an unbroken, moderately wide stripe without ragged edges or brindling.
  • Bareback have a colored hood to cover head, neck, chest, and shoulders on a white body.
  • Capped have a white body with a colored cap on head not to extend to throat or past the ears.
  • Masked have a white body and a colored “mask” covering just across the face and around the eyes.
  • Ideal Markings of Rats - a graphic of Ideal Rat Markings

ODD EYE - Odd-eye rats have one eye pink and one eye dark ruby or black. They may be in any recognized color and any recognized or unrecognized marking.

UNSTANDARDIZED - Accepted proposed animals. Any coat type, color, or markings not described, or any other unique physical feature.

NON-RECOGNIZED COLORS & MARKINGS - Some miscellaneous colors and markings of rats that have been produced by breeders but never standardized.

New ACRE Standards

Above standards are from AFRMA as mandated by AFRMA for our club while we were an affiliate. However now that we are on our own we are now able to add, or change standards. If we do vote on those, changes will be updated here once they are standardized. Some rats that are not standardized by AFRMA but are by ACRE are: 
Triple Dilute, all color variations of the Burmese, Roan in any color (except C-locus) Hooded, Self, Berkshire or Irish only, Siamese with all point colors except for agouti pt.

Velveteen, Harley, Velveteen Harley, Rex Harley, Double Rex, Cama Rex, Cama Double Rex including Velveteen modifier.

Patched, Hooded Down Under, Variegated Down Under, Berkshire Down Under.

Varieties that cannot be shown are as follows:
Cap/Stripe, Split Caps, Broken Hooded.  Any variety thought of as a "Vari" or "Mismark".


Standardization process: Addition of any new variety must be voted on. Once that is done the variety must be brought to an  approved ACRE judge at a show for review. All individuals must be presented with a minimum of 5 generation pedigree. Once 10 individuals have been reviewed by the judge, a standard for the new variety will be written. The 10 rats must be presented within a 12 month period.


Anything not listed above.