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Colorado Rat Club Promoting Responsible Handling of Rats Through Ethical Breeding & Care

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Currently we are doing "closed shows". Meaning only members of our club can enter the building at our shows. 

For "Breeder members":  We hold a vote at our membership meeting and all those that are present weigh the pros and cons and submit their vote. If the majority vote yes, then the breeder is allowed in on a 6-month breeder trial in which we can monitor the breeder and their ethics and practices. We return for a vote when the trial is over and that vote will either grant or deny full membership and priveleges of the club. During the 6 month probation period you will not be able to bring rats to the events.

Memberhsip Fee

Single member: $15 per year

Family membership (only family living in the same household): $15

Membership Includes

Entrance to shows: Free

Entrance to meetings: Free

Entrance to all social events: Free

Ability to enter rats into the show: $2.00 fee per rat