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A listing of the reccomended rat breeders in Colorado. All are ACRE members. Voted in by the board. We do not take responsibility for the breeders on this page. Be responsible in adopting your pets. But these members are in good standing with ACRE and with the Colorado rat community.

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Denver Colorado - Camarattery

Serious rat breeder, only breeding pedigreed rats bred for health
and longevity. 100% Dumbo! Dwarf, Black, Angora - Newly Discovered, Harley, Velveteen, Chocolate, Chocolate Siamese, Red & Black Eyed Marten, Silvermane, Marble, Whiteside, Hairless, Fuzzy Hairless, Harlan Dark Agouti, Masked/Patched/Dalmatian,  Harlan Dark Agouti Fawn, Blazes, Albino, Hooded, Siamese, Burmese, Sable Burmese, Russian Blue, American Blue, Tonkinese (or as we have called them since we discovered the gene, red eyed Burmese) and Patchwork. We basically have almost all varieties that rats come in.


Colorado Springs - Emerald City Rattery

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Specializing in Russian Blue, American Blue, Black, Mink, and Agouti with various patterns at the moment but working towards White-Sided,  Variegated. Some with Down Under. I also am working on keeping Rex in my marked line and standard coats and hairless in my  White-Sided line.